Most commercial flea and tick products for your cats and dogs contain cancer causing insecticides. This is not only bad for your animals to be exposed to, but your animals are then exposing the rest of the household, as well. There are many natural ingredients and oils that will prevent fleas and ticks on your pets. So here are a few All natural ways that I help get rid of pesky flea and prevent ticks:

***Important: Cats are very sensitive to essential oils and some can cause liver and kidney failure. I do not use essential oils on my cats. Any essencial oils used on your animals should be approved by your vet.

1.You can make a homemade flea and tick collar for your dog

Put a few drops of lavender oil, cedar oil or clove oil on a bandana and tying around your dog’s neck.


2.Adding 1 teaspoon of Organic apple cider vinegar (for every 40 pounds) to 1 quart of the pet’s drinking water. The vinegar helps make their skin less appealing to the fleas and ticks.


3.You can make an all natural flea and tick spray:

1 cup Apple cider vinegar

1 quart water

2-3 drops cedar oil

2-3 drops lavender oil

Put in a spray bottle and spray your dog down before he/she goes outside. It also can be used to spray the dog’s bedding to help prevent flea infestations.

4. Give your dog regular baths with a all natural flea and tick shampoo:

2-3 tablespoons liquid castile soap

4 cups water

1 cup apple cider vinegar

4-5 drops lavender essential oil


For my cats, we use a spray of apple cider vinegar mixed with water without the oils in it. We also add about 1/4 teaspoon apple cider vinegar to the cats water in the summer months to help ward off fleas and ticks.

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Published by Gretchen Foley