Taking a year off to travel has now become a trend. Many people are doing it and I was no different. One fine day I decided I am going to travel the world. It was an experience that I will never forget. It taught me a lot and I became a better person overall. If you are planning a long trip I would tell you to go for it and the below points that I learnt could well help you have a better trip:

  1. Planning is very important for travel. You need to plan your itineraries, tickets and stay. I learnt it the hard way. My itinerary was all over the place. One month I was in Africa, while the next month I was in Asia and after a week in Europe I was back in Africa. This cost a lot of money, the crisscrossing of continents. If I had planned properly, I could have spent six months in Africa, proceeded to Asia for a few months followed by a few months in Europe and then the eventual return. This would have helped me save a lot. With proper planning you can buy air tickets early and save money there too. Nowadays you get good deals for stays too, so check the relevant websites too.
  2. I learnt that you need to manage your finances well. Even when you have money in the bank plus some for emergencies, it is important to not overspend. In a new country most of us tend to spend on the higher side. I used to go to the best restaurants, the costliest shops to buy etc., but after a time I understood that I could have eaten at modest establishments and shopped at modest shops and saved a considerable amount of money. If I had saved money I would not have worked as a part time English teacher in some African cities. So spend after considerable thought.
  3. One of the biggest mistakes I did was I gave away most of my clothes and other belongings and some I sold on eBay. When I returned I had to buy the same things again. I had to spend a lot for the same because the same things were costlier now. I should have rented storage units Louisville and placed my items there. It would have been safe and I could have retrieved them when I returned and the rent would have not burnt a hole in my pocket. If you are planning the trip I suggest you use storage units or keep your belongings in your parent’s place or a friend’s place or any other relative’s place.

Published by Yatin Arora