Fear, guilt, and jealousy all rear their ugly heads as Jules and West strive to figure out what they want now that they've emerged from the wreckage of the storm.

A year has passed since the night Jules Blacklin and West Rutledge were thrown together by a tornado.

Now college freshmen, they’ve worked hard to overcome the tragedies of their pasts to start anew.

As they embark on their future, there is one last obstacle standing in the way of them finding complete happiness: themselves.


All that Remains is my favorite From the Wreckage book so far. I reveled in finding out more about West and having moments where the story was told from his point of view. Yes, there were several moments where I just wanted to shake him and bring him to his senses, but seeing him and Jules both healing and making progress to strengthen themselves individually gave my heart all the warm and fuzzies.

Even though All that Remains made me cry just as much as From the Wreckage and Out of Ruins, it made me laugh even more. Austin's personality brings so much humor to the story that I really hope to learn more about his character. I also love the absolutely adorable pet names West and Jules have for each other.

Michele G. Miller is brilliant. Her writing is beautiful and real. She doesn't sugar coat the pain that comes with life, but she also is quick to show the sunshine in those glorious moments we all love and appreciate. No matter how small they may seem.

If you have not already read From the Wreckage, book 1 in this series, you seriously need to one click it now. I will post the link below as well as the link to Out of Ruins and All that Remains.

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"We were both so scared and broken separately, but it was as if we were whole when we were together."


"You didn't bring us out here for a misguided attempt at an orgy, did you?"


" 'You're right. I'm scared.'

'You're a Rutledge. We're not scared of anything.'

And that's the truth. Except for one extremely important detail.

'Not until her, man. Not until her.' "


"There is a purpose to the madness....Sometimes happy endings take time." 

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