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Waterview, Texas is good for a few things, but getting over your boyfriend's death isn't one of them. In the aftermath of an accident that claimed her boyfriend's life, Ansley Carpenter finds herself virtually smothered by her tiny hometown and the memories of Dean Ryker that seem to lurk around every corner. Hardly anyone is taking the loss as hard, except for one person: Dean's old best friend, Kyle.

Kyle O'Connor is the only one in the world who seems to fully comprehend the depth of Ansley's sadness, yet he's the one person most people in Waterview expect her to stay away from. After all, it's usually never a good idea to date your ex-boyfriend's best friend. Though they try to deny a connection, the days of the summer after senior year just push them together, and the attraction between them only grows stronger as time before college runs out.

Thinking that a new start is just what she needs, Ansley tackles bonding with her new roommate, finding a new job, and attending college parties, but there is more to overcoming grief than just trying to forget. As she and Kyle try to navigate a relationship post-Waterview, and post-Dean, they discover that there's no guidebook to love and loss, and that facing the pain of the past is the only way to guarantee their future.


All the Pieces that You Left is a heartbreakingly beautiful story about picking up the pieces after you loose someone.  Her characters are lovable and easy to relate to. Ansley's pain over Dean made my heart hurt, but Kyle's pain made me more emotional. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because he is a guy and seeing a guy get emotional does weird things to a girl.  Holly Hall's prose tells Ansley and Kyle's story flawlessly and with emotion that will have you tearing up and laughing throughout.

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"I think when we’re young, we love with reckless abandon, lacking the restraint and caution of someone more mature and experienced in dealing with life’s disappointments. "

"You can only dance in a lightning storm for so long before you get struck."

"I want to make him forget it all. I want to erase his pain like the rain erases the dust on this town. "

“We’re all made up of some broken pieces, Ansley. It’s finding someone whose pieces fit into your empty spaces that’s important.”

"I’ve got you. I’ve got your heart. And all I want to do is be the person you trust to protect it.” 

Published by Bewitched Reader