Everywhere you look it seems everything is bi-something these days. The prefix ‘bi’ is everywhere; biannual, bipartisan, etc. It seems the most common mental health diagnosis of the day is Bipolar Disorder. In fact you hardly ever hear the word depression or Major Depression anymore. Or any other mental health diagnoses for that matter.

I begin to wonder if the mental health professionals are just in too much of a hurry to give a more thoughtful diagnosis or do they just get paid an incentive to drop that label? It makes it hard to trust the system. Then again maybe we are not supposed to. Society survived for years without all the conveniences that we depend on in modern times, including medication.

 I am not advising anyone to not take medication. That is something for the ill person to discuss with their doctor. I for one never felt helped by conventional medicines and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I never saw myself as “manic” and they even admitted that my slight speech impediment was the only indication that I was.

I developed coping mechanisms and even got to the point that the doctors even asked me if I even needed medication. One even told me that if I could manage myself with those type of coping mechanisms then I didn’t need medicine. However for insurance purposes, meaning so he wouldn’t lose his license, he had to put me down as not med compliant.

So here I am, unable to qualify for disability. That means <gulp> that I have to work. It’s not that bad though. I figure why wait the 120 days to receive a check when I could just as easily get a good paying part-time job and live simple in a cheap room for rent or apartment. I even gave up my car and lived in the city on the bus line.

In the last year I have started to get my ambition back. Whenever I feel frustrated, I just remind myself that at least I am not on disability nor living in a boarding home with behavioral health services. It is a satisfying feeling to be self-supporting.

Side confession, part of my healing came through Emotions Anonymous (http://emotionsanonymous.org) where I came to terms with being bisexual. Yes it is possible for some people to go either way. We can’t help it that God made people so beautiful.  For the most part I am more attracted to women. This is probably the only place where I will make that confession since it fits with the article topic so well.

Now as I near 40 years old, I feel I have retro’ed back to my 20’s and been given a second chance in life to pursue the path I should have taken in pursuing my dreams of being a writer. Due to the low pay that a writer receives, I will likely end up being bivocational.

There it is again. Did you see it? All things are bi today.

Bivocational will probably take place the rest of my life since I don’t plan to retire. I just have to figure out what the other vocation to pursue it. And become workaholic which is hard for us free spirited type B’s.

I keep asking myself what could possible come past bivocational? Bifocals perhaps?

E Bishop Wooten blogs about wellness, lifestyle, humor, and spirituality at http://thesophisticatedserf.com.