I've been in a mood recently but this morning something different happened.

Travis Greene's "Intentional" played and really sat with me, when I needed to be sat down and recognize how great things are in comparison to how they used to be. I mean they're not perfect nor are they ideal, I don't have that Mercedes jeep that I used to think I would have at 19; I'm not in the corporate world working with Human Resource analysts from worldwide to create changes in what I thought was effective ways to find and allow people to flourish in work; I don't have a ring on my finger nor am I preparing to move out over the next 6 months.

I may not have these things and my paths may have changed constantly since 16 and answering the question of, "What do you want to be?" and it's fine. Everything changed and opportunities came and left and what I wanted to be then was career based. My path changed and I'm in a different career to what that version of me planned. I have a small blue little Ford that I drive when I'm in my home country, I teach kids and teens in other countries because it is satisfying to me to be able to help people travel by giving them the English language and challenging their views of what they see of black people or black women in the media. I'm single and healing but I'm one step closer to being ready for marriage life as I've learned things about myself and my ideal attributes in my future partner. I've moved out several times and have lived quite well for a 24-year-old.

Plus what's up with that pressure of asking kids, what they want to be? We should want them to be things that increase their character and strengthen their resilience to deal with a world that inflicts conflict on themselves. Not, oh be a firefighter or a nutritionist or a podiatrist. That's all good and well as it's the career, but what do they need to do these careers? Let's think: physical strength, determination, bravery, philanthropy, empathy, self-motivation, leadership skills, and more!

My path kept changing but I'm getting to do more that fulfills me. If you think of yourself, what are you fulfilling now that you didn't even imagine at 16, 21, 25 or 30? What new thing took you off the pre-planned golden future you thought you wanted and now have new experiences and a new mindset of what you want? Everyday we evolve and everyday we choose what we want to do. Everyday our paths are changing but it's all working out for our good. The trial you're going through will make you a stronger and better person in the area that's being testing, you're about to be another version of yourself. Wait on it, all things are working together as the world or God (whomever you believe) wants the best for you,for you to produce positivity and light!

Published by Kirah Grand