Back again with another throwback.  All Time Low is a band that I have listened to since I was in high school but had never seen live, but always wanted to.  I always managed to miss them when they came to town so when I found out they would be in Arizona I got tickets within minutes of them going on sale.  Of course I was super excited to be seeing a band that I had been listening to since I was 14, and then upon looking further into the tour realized that Issues, a band I had recently started listening to, would be opening?  Now that made this all even better.

Issues was fantastic to see live.  They had so much energy, engaged with the crowd so well, and had such an incredible stage presence.  I danced so hard throughout their entire set, singing my heart out, and during the entire set I actually forgot that I was there to see another band originally. Such an incredibly talented group of people, and I cannot wait to see them live again [and again, and again, and again].

Once All Time Low got on stage, it was high energy and scream singing galore.  Not only did they play tracks from their newest album [Future Hearts], but brought back favorite songs from their 8 other albums as well.  I was in a punk rock heaven, and I was just so happy.  What I found amazing, was hearing songs that meant the world to me at 14, and still feeling so attached to them.  I remember first hearing “Weightless” [Nothing Personal, 2009] and feeling like the song was actually written for me.  It so accurately described how I felt in those teenage angst filled high school days, and at 27 years old I still felt the same. Since 2005 All Time Low has been a constant in my life, and finally seeing them live was everything I wanted it to me, and more.

That night my friends and I danced our hearts out, laughed until we cried, and sang so loud we lost our voices for a few days after.  It was perfect, it was everything I could have wanted, and I am glad that I not only got to see an incredible new band live, but I got to see one of the bands that defined my entire high school experience all in one night.

“But I’m stuck in this fucking rut

Waiting on a second hand pick me up

And I’m over, getting older”

  • All Time Low, Weightless, 2009

Published by Beth Rosenfeld