A ringtone is a sound made by our phone or telephone when we receive a call or any text messages. It is mainly a tone made by our gadgets. AT&T offers seven gong combinations for the type ‘c’.

The first mobile ringtone which can be downloaded was created In Finland in 1998. They first created a ringtone with the help of harmonium invented by VESA-MATTI PANANEN. Many users want to use theme ringtones which can be based on different aspects of Bollywood, sports, anime etc. It was of monophonic ringtones.

On November 1998, another company named, DigitalPhone Group started their own service of ringtones. Users can give up to $3 for their choice. Although the first mobile phone ringtone was created in 1996, it takes 2 years for them to create the ringtone on user’s choice. Nowadays, service providers allow you to use ringtone by your own choice. Isn’t interesting? Now have a look at the wider aspect of ringtone.

Types of ringtones

  • Monophonic:

It is a type of ringtone where the notes are played one at a time. Like single beep. This was mainly used in earlier days.

  • Polyphonic:

A polyphonic is a type of ringtone where several notes are played at a time. The first polyphonic tone used sequence recording but nowadays we can opt for any type of ringtone we want.

  • Truetone :

A tone which is created as mp3 format or AAC is known as Truetone. We are generally using this type of ringtone. The first Truetone was started in 2002.

  • Sing tone:

Users are using this type of ringtone for their gadgets nowadays. Service providers are providing Bollywood theme songs, or a user can opt for their own voice too.

One important thing should be noted at this time, ringtone format. It is an essential part of choosing your favorite ringtone. There are a lot of ringtone format like AAC, AMR, FLAC, IMELODY, MP3, OTT, PMD etc. these formats are being used by big companies like Nokia, Apple, Microsoft etc. Theme ringtone is essential to the present day. Companies, as well as many websites are offering theme ringtones for users.

Theme songs ringtones are now in trends. Generally, theme song ringtone is based on some topics like sports, movies, shows; nature etc. users are now using theme ringtones more frequently. Anime lovers are using anime ringtones. Those who like Bollywood, they set ringtone of Bollywood. Everyone wants to look cool with these theme ringtones.

Top ringtones-

  • Pick up Yo Phone- many people still enjoy this ringtone on their phone. It alerts your phone by yelling of Mr. T.


  • OMG (usher) - this ringtone by usher is favorite of many people out there. it was no. 1 at the downloaded list on thumb play.


  • Super Mario Brothers- the super Mario track is one of the best ringtone ones can have. It is still loved by people who love playing Super Mario.

  • Exorcist- this polyphonic tone combines piano chord and melody of bells. You can find it on Jamster easily.

  • Nokia tune (original)- it is the most loved tune in the world. Many people are still using this tone. Those who are grown with this tune will surely love this a lot. Indeed, it was the most used ringtone ever for a mobile phone or by users.

One more ringtone STAR WAR TONE is used by many of the people these days. Mainly the theme ringtones are in demand now-a-days. People love this trend. And it makes you cool as well.


Published by Jason Roy