Does your wart makes feel uncomfortable? Is it embarrassing like never before? Then, you need to think about removing it safely. Before acquainting yourself with the wart removal techniques, you must know what exactly is it and how harmful is it? To help you with the information, we thought to mention all the details regarding wart and ways to remove it.

What are Warts and what causes it?

A growth of skin which is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is termed as a wart. It infects the top layer of skin and grows rapidly. Usually, HPV enters the body from a broken area and infects it. Consequently, a wart is formed on the top layer of skin that can take even months or years to disappear.

Warts are not at all harmful for the health of a person. It is just that it makes diagnosed person uncomfortable and feel embarrassed. Due to this reason, it becomes necessary to take certain steps to remove. You can opt for wart removal at London Dermatology Clinic, which would assure you about its safety.

Many types of warts can cause to the HPV infected person. It can occur on any part of the body, but commonly, it is observed on the hands and feet.

How are Warts Spread?

Warts are contagious. It spreads easily by the direct contact. Even touching to it can cause to expand to other areas of the skin. Apart from direct contact, another person can come in contact with its virus by sharing personal things such as razors, towels and other basic closet essentials.   

What are Wart Removal Treatments?

In case, warts are painful, irritating or spreading quickly to other parts of your body; a patient has to treat it. Wart removal is a bit tricky task, so, it needs to take precise care, which can be done by consulting the best skin doctor in London or any other city.

Below-mentioned are the wart removal treatments which are undertaken by the professionals.

  • Surgical Excision: If the wart is under the critical situation, doctors recommend going through this method. The laser beam is directed to the area and removed by cutting it. It is a bit painful as compared to other methods as it involves surgery. Nonetheless, consulting an expert for such a crucial treatment becomes essential from your side.
  • Cryotherapy: In this method, the doctor freezes(usually with liquid nitrogen) the affected areas. When it is frozen and hard enough, the wart is removed. It helps to kill off all the germs, viruses and cells that spread the infection.
  • Cautery Method: If the wart is not removed by the previous method, doctors often suggest for this one. A cautery machine is used to burn off the wart on your skin. It might take place in front of your eyes, and takes little time. It causes no harm to the skin.

While there are many other ways which are preferred for wart removal, but it includes a great risk of spreading. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended to see a doctor for it and get treatments accordingly.

Now that you’re aware of the ins and outs, it is entirely dependent upon you to select what kind of wart removal would be the best for you.