This is a worldwide ministry and during a normal week we have lot of Facebook messages and e.mails from muslims. This is an attempt to show the main differences between Jesus and muhammad.

The first big difference is who they claimed to be. Muhammad claimed to be nothing more then a human being. Jesus claimed to be God and a human being at the same time. (John 8:24, 8:58) Jesus also claimed to be the way, the truth and the life ( John 14:6)

As a human being Muhammad sinned, he was husband, a prophet and a leader. But still he sinned, he lied, hated, killed, committed adultery and worshiped idols. Jesus never sinned a day in His life. (1.Pet 2:22)

Jesus never resorted to violence, he never used force. Muhammad went to war several times.

When Muhammad heard from an angel he got so scared he wanted to kill himself. When Jesus heard from God He went out into the desert where He was tempted. After this He boldly without fear started His ministry. (Mark 1:14)

Jesus heard His Father God speaking to Him (John 5:19). Muhammad heard only an angel.

Jesus never killed anybody. As the Son of God He did have the power to do so, but He chose not to. Instead He gave life and raised people from the dead. Mohammad on the other hand killed a lot of people.

Jesus never married, but Mohammad had over 20 wifes including a 9 year old child. 

Jesus was called by God His Father during the day (Matt 3:17) Mohammad on the other hand was called by an angel in a dark cave. 

Jesus healed, raised people from the dead, quieted a storm, fed several thousands with food just enough for one person and fullfilled all the prophecies about Messiah. Muhammad only wrote the quran.

God spoke directly to Jesus (Mark 1:10-11) Muhammad only heard an angel. 

Jesus spoke well about women and lifted them up, He made them feel valuable. Muhammad said women was not as intelligent as men, he also said the majority of souls in hell would be women, and that women could be pawned. 

Jesus never had slaves and He was born of a virgin. Muhammad was born the natural way and had several slaves. 

Jesus came as Gods sacrifice for our sins, He came to live a sinless life and then die on a cross so that everybody who trusts in what He did for them will be reconciled to God. 

So to sum it all up: Muhammad wrote the quran, he heard an angel in a dark cave, he got so scared he almost committed suicide, he had several slaves, he killed several people and fought many wars. He disrespected women and was born as a sinner the natural way. He never performed any miracles and never claimed to be anything but a human being. He had several wifes and he was a pedophile. He never heard gods voice, only the voice of an angel.

Jesus claimed to be the way, the truth the life. He respected women and made them feel valuable, he never had slaves and was never married. He healed the sick, opened blind eyes and raised the dead. He quieted the storms and fed several thousands with just enough food for one person. He was born of a virgin, never sinned a day in His life and God spoke directly to Him. He never killed anybody, never resorted to violence and fullfilled all the promises in the Bible of the Messiah. 

It is obvious there are two different gods, one "god" manifested himself in a dark cave and spoke to muhammad. That "god" had no problem with disrespecting women, killing people and for his "prophet" to have several wifes, including a child.  This is a "god" that accepts pedophiles and encourages it. That "god" is the one called allah, but he is no god. He is a demon. 

But the true God, the God of the Bible Jehova, is the God who sent His Son to the earth to die for our sins. And while He was here He did only good things to the people He met. He raised the dead, healed the sick and fed the hungry. He respected women and spoke against injustice and murder. 

It is obvious that allah is not Jehova. Is it obvious the jesus of the quran is not the Jesus of the Bible. 

Published by Apostle Ernie