'Eleven-year-old Allegra shuttles between her grandmothers who live next door to one another but couldn't be more different. Matilde works all hours and instils discipline, duty and restraint. She insists that Allegra focus on her studies to become a doctor.

Meanwhile free-spirited Joy is full of colour, possibility and emotion, storing all her tears in little glass bottles. She is riding the second wave of the women's movement in the company of her penny tortoise, Simone de Beauvoir, encouraging Ally to explore broad horizons and live her 'true essence'.

And then there's Rick who lives in a flat out the back and finds distraction in gambling and solace in surfing. He's trying to be a good father to Al Pal, while grieving the woman who links them all but whose absence tears them apart.

Allegra is left to orbit these three worlds wishing they loved her a little less and liked each other a lot more. Until one day the unspoken tragedy that's created this division explodes within the person they all cherish most.'

This book was wonderful.

I really loved this book. It was good from the first page and just got better as the story unfolded. I honestly didn't want it to end.

The story itself was simple and relatable. The relationships were believable and the attitudes and experiences were authentic emotional.

The characters in this book were truly amazing. I feel in love with pretty much every character in this story and I wanted to know more about them and follow their journey's. It's not often that I love most of the characters. I was excited to see each of the characters change and develop as the story unfolded.

Suzanne Daniel did a fantastic job with this book. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about it. The story was great, the setting was fantastic and the characters were amazing. I haven't stopped talking about this book since I finished it and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Allegra In Three Parts by Suzanne Daniel is a beautiful book that will give you a truly wonderful reading experience.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker