Do you sometimes feel that a shit load of expectations from every side are about to drag you down and it't not even 10 am?
Sometimes I just wake up and lay in my bed for a few minutes and thinking about the times when all of it was so much easier, when I didn't have to care that much about money, relationships, clothes, work...but still, I am not that old not to allow myself do things and don't do things I want/don't want.

Well, when you are in your twenties, life can be even messier like it was till you reached your twenties. You are allowed to be lost. Why? Because it's your life, and if you wake up at the morning with a feeling that something is missing or wrong and you don't know with which feet you are supposed to wake up then it's just normal. Just stay calm.
You are also allowed to have absolutely no freaking idea what you want in life, because those decisions might still change because one day you wanna be a photographer or a dancer and the other just astronaut or actor- I know, I know, we are supposed to have figured this out in our minds in way younger age blah blah blah, but there are also people who don't really know and if they are comfortable with it, then let them. I am sure they'll figure it out. Even without your "help". Because if you don't really know which path to take to reach your goals then you are allowed to walk down like thousands and thousand different paths until you step on that particular one which will lead you to the place where you belong or where you just need to be.

I know there is passion in every single person that I have ever met in my life. It is just so individual, different levels of individuality, different interests, but maybe different levels of individuality connected to the same interests..well, tangled like those Christmas lights in the cupboard. You are just allowed to be passionate about anything in the world that you think it's worth it and makes you feel like it is good to be alive.
The big truth is that you are allowed to do anything you get into your mind like possible even though some people strictly say that you are not, you are so young with a need to explore your options, it's your life - and as you know you haven't lived even a little fraction of it (yet).

I can tell you one thing- you have to enjoy your adventurous journey as much as you can. Buy a 3€ wine and don't even bother to drink it from a glass - just pour it to the plastic cup and sit on the floor of your living room in your little apartment. Take your friends, go out there to see the world, find your secret place, take photos of it, call it *your place*, get lost on your way home, just because you want, in the meantime, enjoy the hidden view.

Even though you have been skeptic about writing for a very long time, you'll eventually allow yourself to start- first draft story, then second and after all the third and you'll realize that you actually like it.

It is really common to make some "young mistakes" in relationships- I know it's hard and you are scared af, I can see it, but allow your heart to be broken because to be honest, I think it's how it's supposed be- to become a stronger person, to look at things differently, to take your time to think about stuff, to let your negative emotions and feelings take a stand and then after some time (of course individual) transform that negativity into something good positive and progressive. Don't close your door entirely, make sure there is at least a small gap and after some time, make the gap bigger and bigger. That means you are getting better because you wanted to get better for yourself. 

You don't really have to think about the place where all the moments will take you because it can always be a nice mystery and a surprise in one package. Allow yourself to be curious!
Don't be afraid just because you don't know where the hell you are going right now, even if the place requires map. Leave the map at home and explore a little, that might be even more fun!

Give yourself some time. Explore yourselfUncover new interests that you think you'd enjoy.
Try to accept every invitation that will be offered to you because you never know if that's fate or just a coincidence and you never know what will happen. Step outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes it's good to stay out till you'll see the sun rising. Just, whatever you do, make sure you won't give up on it just because you are tired or lazy.
Don't be scared that you don't have your life figured out in your twenties. Let me tell you a secret: Nobody does.
I don't even know what am I gonna eat for lunch for Christ sake, not even talking about my future!

Enjoy your path on your way to the final destination, keep on. Sink in. Collect every single emotion, memory, happening on your way there. You are doing well so far.
Keep your mind wide open and try to look on the world every day with different sets of eyes. And last but not least, don't forget what it's like feel lost when you find finally yourselfBecause you never know what can happen, so be prepared and keep going on- don't let them drag you down just like that.

Nina ∞ 


P.s: Allow yourself to blossom, like this little one here- you got this.


Published by Nina S