“With Clarity, focus, and training; inner strength and creativity will naturally flow leading to personal success and self -actualization” – Deepak Lodhia (https://deepaklodhia.wordpress.com)

It’s the force that drives you to do things, it’s the force that pushes you to achieve your goals, feel more fulfilled and be a leader in your life. I’m not an expert but if I learn something that is worth sharing then why not?

Let the wise hear and increase in learning and the one who understands obtain guidance – Proverbs 1: 5 (ESV) 

There is a lot of things out there that can motivate you when you hear an audiobook/video or read an article, you find yourself excited in that moment but then what happens after. Throughout this week I’ve come to the notion of self-motivation, yes it’s the commitment, the personal drive, it’s taking initiative and being optimistic. It’s having the faith to move those mountains and being obedient to your goals that you set for yourself. However, it starts by allowing yourself to be a beginner. You cannot jump to the top without being at the bottom.

The most common theme is I need a new Job, I need to sort out this to get that, I need to start doing this before this happens. I find this theme happening to me all the time and you find yourself months into the year still at the same place, saying the same things, practising the same routine. Don’t you feel tired? A lot of people have told me instead of trying, DO and I was thinking yesterday I really need these goals to be achieved so I will have to.




Published by Simone McIntosh