When we were little we wanted to be doctors, artists, ballerinas, The President of the United States. As we got older those dreams changed into being writers, musicians, Olympians. I know for me I said all through junior high I wanted to be a writer, I have tons of stories in binders and notebooks. When I got into high school I decided I wanted to be a counselor and I stuck with that until half way through my first year of college when I realized I hate psychology. The thing is, we all have dreams, we all have those “dream” jobs and careers that we could only hope that one day we could get to.

I had my life planned out, I was a communication major, I was blogging for fun, my real passion was video editing. Then this summer something happened, God. See, when I was 16 he had told me I needed to go into ministry, and I listened, I heard that call on my life. Yet, as the years went on I started to stray farther and farther away from that plan, then I was looking at a college I wanted to go to, planning to go to a Christian college because I wanted to keep my relationship with God first I went to a school that was in all honesty completely opposite. Now, don’t get me wrong, God will make any situation turn out for his will. I made relationships there that I would never give up for the world, and I know God wanted me there for a reason, but if I am going to be honest, while I was there I strayed as far away from God as I possibly could. I had completely forgotten about that call on my life he had put on me three years prior.

Now, flash forward to this summer, and God interceded in my life again, and at what was my farthest point I have ever been from God he turned me around, and pointed me into his direction again. You are probably thinking, okay good for you, why does this pertain to me? It pertains to all of us, how often have we had that nudge on our shoulder? Maybe it isn’t about going into a job or a career, but maybe it’s about telling you to go pray for someone. Have you ever really needed money really badly? Maybe you needed to pay bills, debt, needed food, rent. The options are endless really, and you just end up having enough. God. God will always provide; we will just choose not to see it. The money situation happened to a friend of mine a few days ago. They didn’t have enough to be able to come back to school next semester, and miraculously they got another 2,000 dollars for school. If that isn’t God working in someone’s life, I don’t know what is.

Now, how does this pertain to our dreams that I was discussing earlier. I have proven that God intercedes into our lives, we just don’t realize it a lot of the time. Now, what if I told you God wants us to accomplish our dreams? What? God, wants us to do something that we will love doing for the rest of our lives. I mean if we are going to be honest how often do you wake up to go to work, and you immediately wish you could go back to sleep? A lot of us. That isn’t what God wants for us, God wants us to prosper and be happy. All we have to do is allow him to intercede, which by what I already stated earlier he does on a regular basis, therefore, it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal right? If we allow God to intercede in our lives, those dreams we have, or maybe we don’t even realize we have yet. Jeremiah 29:11 says “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord…”  At this point he was saying this to the Israelite, who had just really been struggling for a while. I mean what else did they do? Anyways, God has this big picture for our life, and yes we have the free will to choose to follow the plan God has for us, but I know if we do follow that plan, that dream that we may not even realize we have or maybe it is a dream we do already have will come true.


Published by Bailie Scheer