I think there is a type of person who gives and gives and gives, dispersing their energy in multiple people, as many as they can, because they don't know what to do with the absence of all of the love they CAN contain. 
     Self love isn't something we're taught, it's a lesson we learn after we get stuck in the shit we are surrounded with. It's too closely related to pride for some people, and that's scary. If you're prideful, that's vain, and if you're vain no one will like you. But it's okay to be proud of yourself - that's different than being vain. It's okay to love yourself. I think allowing self love encourages empathy. What else are we supposed to do on this little planet?
     I do believe that we are small, that our existence is a mere drop in the bucket of the Cosmic Mess of Things, but I also believe that size is relative and that you can do a lot with tiny things. I love myself and I think my purpose in life, the thing that fulfills me, is to love others. To know thy neighbor, to experience different kinds of love. Yes, the fallout as well - the fallout is inevitable, but it's not always "the worst thing in the world". It hurts, losing people, and those experiences are not easily forgotten, but there's a lesson to be learned in many things. 
     I do believe that shit just sometimes happens, because how can fate be an excuse for the death of a loved one or abuse from someone we trust. But I also believe that we make what happens to us. Make love, make happy. We are in control, no matter how fast we think we're spinning. 


*From uhlehna.wordpress.com*

Published by Elena Schabarum