I was at the shopping mall today, I decided to have lunch after the whole exercise. There I sat down at a small round table far away from where I could be disturbed. While I looked up, I saw a nice-looking mature man take a few steps towards me and he said to me across the tiny table, ” young lady, can I join you please”, I answered politely ” yes please”.

A few minutes later, he said to me, ” you know… today is my fiftieth birthday”, I opened my mouth in amazement because I don’t quite know how it happened, he looked much older, I told him politely with a large smile across my face, ” wow that’s nice- Happy Birthday”. 

While we had lunch quietly, he stopped and said to me, ” I wish I had more fun when I was a lot younger”, he went on chatting, “It looks to me now like time passed by while I was put on hold. I’ve decided regardless of all the pressures I am under, I am going to make this a year henceforth one of celebration and positive thought”.

Hmmm, I didn’t know how to respond to that, then I told him you don’t have to regret anything because it’s not too late for you to have the fun of your life. I gave him a few TIPS on what to do, he thanked me for the piece I gave him with a grin all over his face, I simply got up…took my leave.

LET ME KNOW if you think I’m crazy, if you want to do any of this things with me or if you’ve already done them and have some tips. I’m determined to make each day of my life pretty awesome and making these goals public is a good first step to get me on the right path.

This brings us to the point where we need to acknowledge that those of us not yet fifty years of age should “live every day as if it were the last” even those that are fifty and above.

Things I would love to do:

I would love to turn off the internet for a week. I want to know how that would feel like. No twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram, no whats app. I think that sounds nice.

I would love to travel to Canada, Australia, ancient towns in China.

I don’t know how my guy would feel if he reads this, the truth is I so much wish I would have a set of triplets.

I wouldn’t want to be a salary earner for the rest of my life.

Having a date with VIN DIESEL would be a delight for me. I would cherish that forever! 


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