"How is it possible to have ALMOST Vegan Nachos??" You might be asking yourself. Well, for the month, one of us (not me) has decided to eat only fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains. What makes these nachos not completely vegan is the ground turkey I put on mine LOL!

This loaded plate started with organic corn chips piled with black and vegetarian refried beans, salsa, diced tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeños, ground turkey (for me), guacamole, and a really tasty vegan cheese substitute made from broiled eggplant!

The recipe is actually called a Cashew-Less Vegan Queso courtesy of the Minimalist Baker Blog. I don't really like eggplant, but I REALLY don't like cashews so I chose the lesser of two evils. The mock cheese really is a creamy substitute with a hint of spice that makes me do my happy dance.

Vegan queso will never fully substitute the taste of cheese queso to us. I know by months end, the next time I make nachos there will be dairy in there. At least I was able to find a tasty creative alternative...but for the meat, that's a different story! 


Published by Kim Griffin