In the early expansions most players looked downright awful as they leveled their way to end game in mismatched greens, but thankfully being forced to wear tacky looking outfits has been a thing of the past for some time now, and Battle for Azeroth (a.k.a BfA) is no exception. BFA has some of the most unique and sort after armor sets from any expansion due to the varied styles available from the two continents, new allied race sets, and PVP sets. If you’ve never done transmog before, there’s also plenty of great looking armor sets from previous expansions that you can farm for a badass looking character. 

Transmog is a great way to add another element of personalization to your character and keeps everyone from looking the same. It also plays an important role in roleplaying realms where characters strive to have individual appearances and storylines that occupy a specific niche in the world. If you’ve been getting bored of raids and PVP, Transmog is a fun hobby to get into. You can look up armor sets and run old content to get the complete set. The process is usually time-consuming depending on the transmog set you’re after, but it’s a totally new way of playing the game and gives you a reason to explore old content. 

You can get really creative with transmog and create completely unique looking sets that will catch the eye. It’s not all about getting previous raid or dungeon complete sets. Blizzard will often create armor pieces for different classes that actually look great together and look like a completely cohesive set, even though they aren’t. If you’re creative enough and keep a watchful eye you can end up with some true eye-popping transmog sets. 

Transmog can get expensive if you plan to change your transmog frequently which is why you should try and stay focused on the look you want to begin with. There is also plenty of gear you can gather on transmog farms that will sell very well on the auction house. Lots of players want aesthetically pleasing armor but don't want to spend countless hours farming for it, and these are the players that will buy up any gear you decide not to use. 

Transmog is fun and can be addicting so you may find yourself getting into it and wanting to switch transmog sets often. This can get expensive so you’ll want to have a healthy amount of Gold. You can either look at other WoW Gold farming techniques to maximize your Gold or snap up one of the “WoW Gold for sale” options you’ve probably seen in game and online. You’ll see WoW Gold for sale in many places and it can be a tempting option to make your WoW experience a little less time-consuming. If you decide to buy WoW Gold from online sellers just make sure to exercise caution about who you’re buying from, and make attempts to not be suspicious to Blizzard since it is against the Terms of Service. 


Published by Charlesa Gibson