And being the rice girl that I am, I would suggest to have meals over rice. It’s just better that way. Lol. But seriously, the dishes here are good over their rice. A New York Halal inspired resto, it’s now time to check their offers.🙂

The place was small though they do have a take-out counter. You will definitely get that mediterranean dish aroma upon exit. I guess the owners didn’t anticipate the crowd then as people do flock here. Though they’ve been open for only a month now, their food does show a lot of promise. The only brand under Chow Chaps Food Services, cousins Sonny Angelo O. Valencia and Emil G. Javier II partnered to start this venture. They tagged their friend Mark Lester D. Lodriga along for the food conceptualization. And thus, Over Rice was born.  All their dishes are served fresh daily, and most are in-house. Situated in the busy avenue of Katipunan, let’s see what’s cooking in their kitchen.😛

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