What’s your backstory?


I was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I’m an only child but a member of a huge family. My father has always been a business owner and my mom was a lawyer who quit practicing her career in order to help my dad build their main business. As a kid, I used to dream about becoming an engineer, and several years later, I graduated from college in one of the toughest engineering fields, “Electronics Engineering with a Major in Automation and Process Control.” I used to work in the Oil and Gas field, and my job was very important to me even though I didn’t have time to take care of myself and felt burned out most of the time. However, quitting or doing something else never crossed my mind.

It wasn’t until I moved to the US when my passion for fitness also became my calling. Helping others has always been very fulfilling but I took it to a whole new level about five years ago when I realized that I could truly make a difference in people’s lives. That’s how everything started, that’s how Pao’s Fit World started.


What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.


#1. Believe in yourself and in your idea


It’s very easy to ask yourself if what you’re doing is worth it and if you’re doing the right thing.


I remember when I created my first workout guide I woke up one day criticizing all of my hard work; that it wasn’t good enough and nobody would ever give it a try. Fast forward to 2018, I’ve worked with thousands of women all over the world and with my guides and guidance I was able to help them lead better, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.


#2. You can’t do everything


When building a business, it’s essential to recognize when you need to ask for help – something that took me a long time to accept. If you want things to get done on time and professionally, you need to hire experts who will help you make it happen. They’re people who can help translate your vision into their field of expertise. Believe me; they’ll do it better than you and in less time. After all, you can't learn in a couple of weeks what they’ve been doing pretty much their whole life.


#3. It’s fine to take some “free time".


I used to feel guilty when I wasn’t working on building my brand, answering emails, or creating content. I used to think that I was letting down my business and clients. It took me a year or so (with the help of my loved ones) to realize that my people (clients) and my business are better off if I take care of myself. They deserve the best version of me, not a burned out, tired one.


#4. Always look at the bright side of a situation


Focusing your energy and attention on the bad outcomes of a situation won’t bring anything positive to your life. Instead, focus on the bright side to regain perspective, refraine your ideas, and to learn and grow from your mistakes. I wish I could tell this to my younger self during these moments of struggle, for example when I was crying because I didn’t achieve a specific goal or wasn’t hired for my “dream job” … Then I’d tell myself “Girl, this needed to happen, so you can take advantage of the many other great opportunities you have on the table.”


#5. Silence the noise


No matter what others are doing, focus on your work, your business, and your people. Do not compare your journey with somebody else’s. Each journey is unique, and it depends on you to make yours a good one.


Published by john paret