Am I her?

People tell her she looks like her.

But she knows she argues like her.

She walks with a mask, like her.

She wears a mask so tight, like her.

She looks so strong and speaks so firm but underneath that mask lays a fragile young woman yearning to be loved and nurtured, like her.

She yearns to be loved and nurtured the same way she loves and nurtures her husband and kids.

He tells her to uncover her mask but she responds saying ‘you make me wear this mask, had there been the perfect match, she would not need to wear that mask’.

A perfect match he asks?

What is that?

A match so kind that it compliments even her ugliest looks.

So he understood, there is both beauty and the beast.

They bring out the best of both when with one another but she asks, ‘what is beauty and the beast without the bea?’

The beginning is always rainbows; the ending is always the bitterest.

The ‘uty’ and ‘st’.

It is down to them how they choose to see that as there was once a beautiful beginning, so to which end did that disappear?

Is the love phase over or did they find a way to live with one another?

He says no, ‘how can the phase be over when we have only spent a quarter of our lives together?’

Now there is to come the baby screeches and elders laughter.

Life has just begun as there is the after.

A love so strong a mask changes through her.

He grows fonder and tears it off her.

Protection at its finest.

Don’t ever leave her.

Published by Hasina Dabasia | She Can Be