It is now the prom season, are you dreading it or are you excited? You may have picked out your beautiful dress and you have arranged how you are arriving to the venue and you just cannot wait. But have you thought about your hair and makeup? Are you going to do it? Is someone else going to do it? Are you going to hire a professional? Don't panic

This is going to be one of the best days of your life and you want it to be one to remember. Is your hair and makeup really important? Yes it is. You want to make sure you are looking and feeling fabulous. You're going to want to have lots of pictures taken and you want to show them off! 

If you are going to do your own makeup, make sure you look around and search for the look you are going to go for and get all the products ready for the day. Practice your makeup look, so you get the hang of what you are going to do. Don't leave it till the last minute. This will be easy for you if you are a makeup lover and know what you are doing when it comes down to picking out the right shades and picking the right brushes. However, if this is going to be stressful for you, why not go to a professional?

Approach your local makeup counters or freelance Makeup Artists and see if they have any appointment slots available. A lot of brands don't actually charge you to get your makeup done but will ask you to purchase a couple of products, which come on.. isn't that bad. One, you get your makeup done, secondly you get to take home a couple of treats! Chat to your Make Up Artist and see if they have the same idea as you for your big day, if not, choose another person who can bring out the best of your features. 

Do I go for the bold look or the soft look? This will really depend on your personal eye shape and dress you're wearing on the day. If you have smaller eyes, go for a soft smokey eye using nudes and subtle pinks, if your dress has pink in it. If you have larger eyes, you could get away with a bit more of a dramatic eye with nudes, golds and black to smoke out the eye. If you are wearing a soft coloured dress, go for a soft flirty eye look, maybe even brown liner! You will look stunning! If you are wearing bright coloured dresses, you can add a hint of colour, but if you want to play it safe, stick to the nudes.

What is the key for the day? Be prepared, enjoy yourself and enhance your features to feel pretty and powerful! I hope you have the most amazing day of your life yet!

Love Jaz 


Published by Jaz Kainth