Sometimes, I wonder if I'm ready for a relationship yet.

I have asked many people before i accepted my current boyfie, "What is it like to like someone?", "How do you know if you like someone?" and other similar questions. The typical answers I got back were things like, "You will have that feel if you like him!", "You will be thinking about him most, if not all the time", "You will keep wanting to talk and be with him". 

Then when i think about it, I don't especially feel any moments like that with him. Could it be because our relationship is on and off, since we have known each other and even gone out quite a few times, but that was like many years back. 

One of my colleagues then told me it could be due to my personality, that I am experiencing this. It could be true, but seriously, there are no right or wrong answers in relationship. Every individual behaves and think differently, and therefore every relationship is different. Your friends and families might be telling you these stories about them and their loved ones, but you cannot expect your relationship to be in the same way as them! After-all, it's a totally different guy you see! 

Then again, it might be because it's not the right age yet, since i'm quite focused on my own self development currently. My priorities are mostly, in fact all, about my own. From working, to learning Korean and Ice Skating, to staying home and enjoying own peaceful time, and also going out with friends and catching up with them.

I find it a commitment to be in a relationship actually, although he claimed it otherwise. Relationships: it really is a lifelong learning journey and one would never master it until truly experienced the whole process. In one word: Complicated!

Published by Casterra Ya