I came from an Asian country, Malaysia to be exact. In Malaysia, the first thing that popped out our head when it comes to marriage is the expense! Depending on your race here, each of them have basically different culture but one thing for sure, COSTLY.

Certainly the big question eventually repeated itself in your head. "Am I ready to get married?"  My answer would be. "No, I am not ready." Yes, getting married is when you ready to move your relationship into the next level. Somehow to me, there are other things to be considered as well.

What should I looked for before making this important decision of my life?

1. Stability

When you are getting married, stability is important. Are you ready to take care of someone you really love? Will your income able to secure you a stability? How is your work? Will it hold? 

Simply enough, if you have a good work and you can manage you monthly financial good enough. I would say you can manage it.

2. Future Spouse

Is she or him really the one? There are things that I cannot overlook. There are certain things that I'm not sure about her.

From what I read in the newspaper and close relatives, one of the issue that married couple faced here is not knowing their spouse well enough before marriage. Some of them had to divorce soon after they married. It's frustrating yes but there are plenty of ways to deal it peacefully.

3. In-law Parents

Will they like me? Will they accept me? I hope I didn't do something wrong.

I don't know about other countries but some of my friends are really scared when it comes to marriage. One of their reasons would be in-law. Somehow, I  believe it's always a good thing to be friend first with your future in-law. So, take times to get to know them and hang out with them. Unless, they really hate you.

4. Knowledge

If something happened, a couple must know how to handle their problems. Sometimes,  it caused by a small matters but things can go big and bad.

To me, both husband and  wife must be prepared with the knowledge of embarking  a marriage. I know I sound like an old guy but that is what they should have. They need to know how to handle a crisis and  make things work  out.

As a conclusion, I am not trying to scare you guys off. I'm reminding you guys to be prepared. Marriage is not something to be taken lightly. Matter like this need to be think thoroughly and you have to be prepared!

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