Since the time you were a child, you have seen the world introducing Jesus to you. Those introductions must have confused you since they were probably all conflicting. Although, the Bible is the ultimate resource that shows you the real Jesus, there a few books too, written after great research and conviction, which can clear all your confusion about Jesus and make known to you who really Jesus is.

Check out these amazing books to meet the real Jesus.

The Jesus Journey: Shattering the Stained Glass Superhero and Discovering the Humanity of God

If you have taken gospel readings this season, we highly recommend this book. It is a prodigious read on various levels as it is upbeat, curious, interesting and wonderfully written. This book reflects on the times and life of Jesus with a view to His humanity. Jesus was human like every one of us. Jesus’ divinity was a truth that the disciples grew into believing while Jesus’ humanity was a given for them. The Jesus Journey talks to today’s Christians, as they walk through the journey of faith, to rediscover the humanity of Jesus. The pragmatic yet enlightening reflections in the book are an invitation to today's Christians, to encounter Jesus again. But this time, as the back cover puts it — “encounter Jesus as if for the first time by experiencing his breathing, heart-beating, body-and-blood, crying-and-laughing humanity.”

The book is written by Trent Shepherd who is a teacher, writer and chaplain at Alpha New England for college students. He resides in Boston with his wife and three kids. Trent helps to lead a neighborhood house church that strives for the well-being of their community, along with working with students. He is a great storyteller and draws on the best material through his wide exposure to reading.

Who is this Man?

Who is this man? describes Jesus as the most important man in the history of the world. The author highlights the ways in which Jesus, is arguably the most important person in the world’s history. The movement that He launched with His followers, numbered in hundreds of thousands within a generation or two, changing the world. The teachings of Jesus teach us everything about the revolutionary cultural improvements, from how to treat children to innovations in medicine and from literacy to the very rise of democracy. Who is this man who never wanted to name towns after himself, didn’t start any political party nor leave his followers in dismay, even after execution? Through his well-researched book, John Ortberg helps us see how Jesus has impacted the world and why He doesn’t have any parallel. His book looks at the fascinating two thousand years of an impression of the man from Galilee- Jesus Christ, who is the greatest teacher who has ever walked on the face of the earth. The movement that He sparked is ever spreading and He offered the greatest gift ever. Who is this man? He is the one who alone mastered life, the Savior of the world and the Son of God.

John Ortberg is a preacher, storyteller, communicator and an evangelical Christian speaker. He has published many books including the 2008 ECPA Christian Book Award winner When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box, and the 2002 Christianity Today Book Award winner If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat. As of 2008, his book The Life You've Always Wanted, sold over 500,000 copies.

Stolen Jesus

The journey to discovering who Jesus really is can be complicated. Jesus, as God and a complete human being, is a reality that sounds crazy to people. They cannot really have a grip on this concept very easily. Amerine’s book, Stolen Jesus, reconciles Fifth-Grade Jesus, Catholic Jesus, and Americanized Jesus (just to name a few). The conflicting representations of Jesus can leave you confused. Stolen Jesus, is a quest to eradicating all the wrong ideas about Jesus that you might have come across in your life. With the help of this book, you get to know who Jesus really is – bewildering grace and all. Through Stolen Jesus, Amerine makes you cry, laugh, sigh and smile. The book teaches you that Jesus, the real Jesus, is right here and you can meet Him. He is good. He is grace. He is everything! Stolen Jesus is a reminder for lifelong Christians of how Jesus is present in their everyday circumstances. It is also for those who broke up with Jesus because their eyes were on people and their circumstances.

Jami Amerine is a 47-year-old American author and speaker. She is Mrs. Justin G. Amerine, an active foster parent and advocates for foster care and adoption. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and a master’s in Counselling and Human Development. Her blog, Sacred Ground Sticky Floors is an inspirational blog filled with absolute madness with a sprint of hope.

The Jesus I Never Knew

The Jesus I Never Knew, intends to offer a new and different perspective on Jesus’ life, His teachings, work, death, and resurrection. It talks about the varying views of Jesus from diverse cultures and how filmmakers have given us different ideas of the character and work and meaning of Jesus. The author reports facts about Jesus, looking past the traditionally perpetuated beliefs about Him. This book is a vigorous portrait of Jesus, demonstrating the arc of many Christians’ walk of intellectual faith.

Philip Yancey is an American Christian author. He earned his graduate degrees in Communications and English from Wheaton College Graduate School and the University of Chicago. He resides in Colorado and works as a freelance writer and an editor-at-large for Christian Today. He has written articles for publications for Reader's Digest, The Saturday Evening Post, Publishers Weekly, Chicago Tribune Magazine, Eternity, Moody Monthly, and National Wildlife.

Published by Julia Morison