The first part of Psalms 139:14 says, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. (KJV)  When ever I look at the human body, or actually anything in this universe, I am astounded by how it is made.  And not just how it is made, but how it is all somehow joined together and works in perfect unison.

    All I have to do is consider DNA and how all the instructions for the formation of my body are somehow written in that string and stored within the single cell from which I grew.  My mind cannot fathom how something so complicated could ever happen.

    The planets all circle the sun and different distances and at different speeds, yet somehow, it all stays in balance.  My mind just cannot comprehend the intricacies by which it was made and is held together.

    Yet God planned and made it all.  I, along with everything in the universe is wonderfully made.  The word fearful in the above passage does not mean to be afraid.  It means to show moral reverence.  When I look at creation I have no other reaction but to see God as Creator and Master of everything.

Published by Ray Richards