Selling your products on an e-commerce site can be exciting. But, to have better sales, the retailers can try the Seller Central program

The amazon fba business is a buyer paradise, where the shoppers can buy a wide range of products. The items like soft bed linens in higher thread count to fine-toothed comb could be brought from the website. The traders can showcase their products and find their targeted buyers quite efficiently. However, in this strict competition, and a massive amount of avail items, the desired objects might fail to reach the buyer. It would mean slow sales and less amount of profit. The products that they are offering range from bread, butter to poultry. The Amazon Prime subscribers currently pay $99 per year and after Amazon Fresh's launch they will be able to get groceries delivered for orders over $50 with delivery charges of $7.99. Although there has not been any news from Amazon's side of opening an online grocery store in London, it has only mentioned its plans of expanding its services in the international market. To assist the merchants in making the deals, a newer concept of Vendor central and Seller central has been introducing. Thus in the earlier programs, the suppliers can directly connect with the customers, whereas in the later one no relations with the customers are established. The suppliers can enroll into the Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA program. It ensures e-commerce website will handle the manage shipping, customer relationship issues, and returns.

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of Seller Central option:


Easy access to data: With this program, the retailer can easily access the customer data. The service is free of cost and can help the retailer in better marketing their products. Such data can be beneficial for those traders who have just started their business online.

Control in setting prices: The trader on the amazon distribution center can fix the prices of their products. It will ensure the trader can put up with rates set by the competitors.

Control over content: Sometimes, the third-party vendors or retailer might sell an outdated version of the product without the consent of the manufacturer. Such products might have quality issues, selling these products might damage the goodwill of the manufacturer. To fix this problem, traders can enroll in the set up a retailer centric account. Also, registering the account into the websites brand registry program might also help.


Higher fulfillment cost: Selling a low priced product can be a little expensive for the traders who have enrolled in the program. In addition to it, the e-commerce website charges commission on each sold product. It can reduce the profit margin for the trader.

A decrease in sales: According to several studies, the customers prefer to buy those products which are sold and shipped by In comparison to that, the products under the seller program gain lesser customers.

Product mix-up: The products from the different traders are stored in a single storing location. So sometimes, while delivering the product, the website might mix up the product, and send a wrong one to the customers.

Published by Lynn Joesph