A BLM (Black Lives Matter) protest gone devastatingly wrong? Selling CD's? A busted tail light? Let's have a moment for the crisis that occurred last night in Dallas, Texas and the murders of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota that have all occurred in less than a week. Just in case you haven't heard, read or seen this somewhere, 11 innocent police officers were severely wounded and unfortunately, 5 have died suffering from injuries during a deadly shoot-out between two snipers and the Dallas PD. My prayers go out to their families. Honestly, as much as it doesn't make a difference, providing my standpoint on this sad moment at least shows that whatever is happening out there is acknowledged and people like me genuinely care about the situations happening around the world. Everybody has a voice and deserves to be heard. Personally, I believe some individuals feel that they are being suppressed and can't hold it in anymore. However, that doesn't mean retaliation is a valid way to vent out all of that anger. There are better ways to let it out and attempting to avenge those murdered by killing the innocent isn't any better than what the guilty have done. It just doesn't make a difference.


What does the future hold?

In imminent time, I hope to see a change with how humans interact with each other. More importantly, real justice, true equality between everybody who stands on this planet and finally see the end of racism. I cannot stress it enough that the racist interpretations of a given race are merely stupid and ignorant. I hope to see the innocent remain peaceful and the guilty to find peace within their lives. We can all make a change if everybody gets along peacefully, but evidently we probably won't be seeing that for a while. According to sources from the media, many are saying that this is just the beginning of something worse to come- although it doesn't have to be the worst. If it were up to me, I'd see the positivity in this and let it be known that what's missing here is love. It seems to me that hatred is overcoming love. What happens when this arises? Basically, the worst of any situation can get out of hand and moments like this will be history. Now is a time to show love and affection to each other because honestly, it's all we can do to better this footing. It's sure as hell not easy as it sounds but when are we going to start making a difference? It can't be made too late. On the other hand, I'm not saying that the guilty shouldn't be punished, because what those cops did to Sterling and Castile was brutal and appalling… After watching recorded videos of the events, I could not sleep nor get the thoughts out of my head. My prayers go out to those in need.


And to conclude…

Thank you for reading and understanding my thoughts and words about the gruesome events that have happened in the past week. Being able to express my feelings about it all really helps a ton. As always, feel free to share and leave feedback, perhaps share your thoughts on the situation. Take care and be safe. May God be with you all.



Published by Antonio Velarde