This happens to be my first post and it's probably the tenth time that I hit the 'delete' key on my laptop and still came up with such a basic thing in the name of an opener. I guess it just takes on from its own name.

Yes, I'm studying to be an architect and I do have a flair for such fancies (at least, that's what they say) Thus, after much thought, I have decided to let everyone into my everyday fashion basics.

I recently took a trip to my maternal grandparents' in Shimla, India and discovered some 'tailored' parts of myself that I'd like to share.

If you haven't guessed by now, I am a Personal Style Blogger who is taking baby steps towards the bigger picture with my endeavours towards personal styling and here are some looks that I put together as a 'starter pack'

1.Café Sol


Too Straight A Face

Crop Top: Forever 21
Jeggings: H&M
Court Heels: Forever 21
Tote: Zara
Cape: H&M

2. Combermere


Caught Posing

Maxi: Sarojini Nagar
Chappals: Street Style Store
Sling: StalkBuyLove
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Choker: Sarojini Nagar

PS. If you have a good eye, Sarojini really is your knight in shining armour when it comes to budget buys!

3. Somewhere on a Pleasant Walk


Old School

Crop Top: The Sassy Stripes
Skirt: Jack Wills
Sneakers: Koovs
Sling: Accessorize

4. Right Outside the House 


All Black

Black is always my go-to! All Day, Everyday!

Bardot: Veni Vidi Vici
Wide Legged Pants: H&M
Court Heels: Forever 21

That summed up my 'looking-good' days at Shimla and the rest was just sweatpants and my boyfriend's oversized tees.

Catch more insights into my life on Instagram @the.basic.b. Keeping' It Basic, always! 

Published by Dhwani Bhardwaj