I'm sure you've heard of all kinds of ways to move beyond your fear and step into the space of courage you inherently have inside you. But instead of a boring you with a pep talk or a pre-canned video speech I figured I'd offer you a unique perspective - a kind only Mabry Living can deliver - a one-legged man (my husband) attempting an American Ninja Warrior Warped Wall on his prosthetic. Check out the video below.

So many people operate their lives out of fear as opposed to courage, including myself at times. There are many things I am afraid of: mice, public speaking, change and failure. But fear of doing something, especially something new, is not a good place to get stuck. Fear of change and failure keep me imprisoned to old ways of thinking that don't necessarily serve me any more. I bet you can relate on some level, can't you? To  help me demonstrate the benefits of taking even the smallest (or outrageous in this case) courageous action towards overcoming your fears, John has, for some odd reason, willingly volunteered to attempt the Warped Wall, as seen on NBC's American Ninja Warrior. Click the image for the video.

As you can see, sometimes it doesn't even matter whether or not you actually reach the goal itself, but instead that you're willing to recognize your fear and take action anyway. That's called courage.

Having the willingness to put yourself out there and do something you're afraid of doing creates growth, which I believe is the essence of life. I'm practicing growing myself in doing this blog. For so long I was scared of what people might think or say if I openly talked about my marriage struggles, John's mental health issues or my frustrations in raising kids. This type of raw vulnerability was so hard to do initially; my pride kept me from speaking my truth. Now, I not only share about the broken pieces of myself I used to keep hidden, I'm also able to express my true, craziness and creativity openly to you through the Mabry Living blog and videos you see here.

I don't know where running up a 14-foot warped wall, John and I crashing a high school prom or dressing up like mimes to order a diet Cherry Mime-ade at Sonic is going. Who knows, maybe it will lead to writing a book someday or some public speaking opportunities to share my testimony, both of which are huge fears of mine! But I am encouraged by my faith in acting in accordance with my beliefs and who I truly am. Only then will I grow into the person God created me to be.

I hope this blog gives your heart the nudge it needs to be courageous to step out in faith and face a fear you currently have. Whether it's telling a friend or loved one you're sorry about something that happened in the past, letting someone you trust know of an addiction you're struggling with or asking for help with diet or exercise changes you know you need to make, take a step forward today by taking some sort of action. Just like I owe it to myself to blog about the crazy stuff in my head, you owe it to yourself to do the things you were put on Earth to do, however crazy they might seem to others. Just go for it!

Be sure to check out the season opener of American Ninja Warrior on May 25 on NBC. We ran into world-class ninja, Travis Rosen, a few days ago. He's already competed in the first round regional in Orlando. We can't tell you if he made it through to the next round or not so be sure to tune in to see him compete.

The Mabry men with one of the top American Ninja Warriors in the world, Travis Rosen

The Mabry men with one of the top American Ninja Warriors in the world, Travis Rosen

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