A year ago today I moved to China and although I've talked about it I didn't know how I'd feel when this day came.

Had I stayed, I imagined it to be a congratulatory day as I would've travelled a little over there in my time (Thailand, Bali, New Zealand) and saved a substantial amount of money to go towards my house deposit this year. I wouldn't have considered staying another year as I wouldn't have been home for a year, so I'd spend a week relaxing and saying my goodbyes and flying home on the 30th to start a new job mid February in an education setting that put me in a mentoring or counselling capacity for my transition year. On my 25th birthday I would've woken up and gone for my keys for my house.

I said this, envisioned this and planned this in 2015. This was my dream but I left China, I broke that dream and 'failed' and forgot about it.

This morning realising today was the day felt good, as I actually kept teaching for a year (inconsistently, in several countries, but nonetheless teaching)! I'm happy I left and failed as I gained experiences and life lessons that I wouldn't trade for the world. My short 4 months there were filled with a roller coaster of emotions, alcohol and my bed: every item listed was both good and bad, don't judge me.

The biggest thing with the concept of 'failing' is learning what you didn't like to carve what you want the next time and pull solutions from the bad situations you stormed through. Certain situations never would have happened had I been in the West, like the version of racism and cultural norms that I dealt with. For examples, check my personal blog here.

I'm pleased to be on the west side of the world again and around a lovely language that kind of befuddles me still but it's illustrative in sound. I practice professionalism here and although I'm not flying back to the UK on the 30th of January for a job mid Feb, I have hope in the rest of my plans. I keep saying this year and my 25th birthday is going to be a big glow up, I'm excited for how God will make everything bigger and blow my mind!

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