An Early Morning Stroll.


Without a care in the world two monks strolled along the dusty road. The orange of their traditional robes bright, I marveled at how their bare feet seemed not to flinch on contact with a stone or sharp object. A young girl in jeans and a skimpy top and the same bare feet came out of a bar and reverently dropped to her knees, hands clasped together in prayer .Arising, she gave both monks an offering of food and money, again dropping to her knees at their feet. The monks chanted above her in perfect unison. The sound magnified as it echoed all around in the stillness.  A humbling moment for me, knowing people still laid bare their faith for all to see.

Continuing on my morning walk I savored the calmness in the air on this warm but not yet sunny morn. The sun trying to spread its tentacles, soon it would be hot, unrelenting, no respite until sun down. Some say this is the best time of the day when the world is awakening from its night time slumbers.

Young men, hair tousled from sleep climbing into the back of the waiting pickups, a sight we are all getting used to seeing. Birds, sounds magnified or maybe they just trilled a little louder to celebrate another new day.

Kids off to school, some chattering, some still sleepy, boarding houses and hotels just waking, steps being washed, paths swept. The sound of pots and plates clattering, cutlery clanking, I pictured tables being laid in readiness for breakfast. Smells starting to emerge, lingering on the light breeze tempting all who passed by.

 The last breakfast for our merry little band of scribes.

Slowly everyone appeared, some fresh from the shower, some straight from their morning yoga lesson, ordering our favorites for the last time we chattered, we exchanged contact details,  promised to keep in touch, to see each other next year.

Good intentions……..

By Carol Ann Taylor.


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Thank you for reading my little story I do hope you enjoyed it :)

Published by Carol Taylor