On the big day, who does not want to look fabulous? It does not matter whether you are a bride or a wedding guest- looking awesome during the wedding is more like an unwritten law. Unfortunately, over the past few years, wedding trend has started becoming a little bit overrated. The very well-known wedding day trend has become more commonplace and it is extremely hard to be unique these days. This is unless you try something like a traditional theme or something close to it.

The Indian Wedding Sarees

Wedding party wear designer sarees of India are popular all over the world for its cultural elegance and exquisiteness. There are limitless types of sarees found in different states according to the social diversities. In the North of India, you can find wonderful Jaipur wedding sarees with wonderful embroideries and zari work. The Kashmiri soft silk sarees are used by the Marwari wedding brides and is done in intricate patterns of embroideries.

The Mysore silk sarees are renowned for its rich silk and light-weight materials which help you to wear. The Kanchipuram wedding sarees in pure silk is one of the priciest and beautiful sarees that wedding brides like to wear. These sarees are very costly as the works on these sarees are done in pure gold. The Banarasi sarees are equally costly and beautiful which also includes intricate and wonderful styles done in pure golden threads.

Earlier the Indian wedding sarees were available in colours of red and maroon as it was considered excellent for weddings. Beautiful red colours denoted marital bliss, prosperity and luck. But now wedding sarees are available in almost every colour such as pink, blue, yellow, orange, green and so forth.

Designer wear wedding sarees are becoming more well-known among the wedding brides these days. Shades of red, mauve, pink, peach and olive green is trendier among wedding wear sarees these times. Gone are those days when wedding brides draped red sarees with matching red components. Today every saree of any color has matching components to compliment it. Wedding sarees with lace settings, stones, pearls and brocade are very costly but a true feast for the eyes. These sarees provide a unique appearance on bride and makes her special day unique and unforgettable.

Designer Women Wear Sari

Designer sarees consist of sarees in rich colours and designs. Handmade sarees, linen sarees, crepe sarees, georgette sarees and so on are some of the Indian sarees listed in the designer women wardrobe. The handloom sarees are quite well-known among women as it is available in different colours and prices. The costly types of sarees consist of zari work sarees, sarees beaded with costly stones, reshmi work sarees, minakari sarees and intensely stitched sarees.

With the need to appear stylish and vogue, traditional sarees are being specialised according to the taste and choices of the person wearing them. Modern styles are being blended with traditional ones giving rise to designer wears. Though women like to use western outfits like skirts, shirts and frocks, the traditional Indian sarees have not lost its appeal and women still like to show off costly saris as it gives a unique elegance.

Published by Shaifali Payal