Hello and welcome to my first ever post on My Trending Stories! My name is Lewis and I am an aspiring author who has been writing for the last six years. In fact, it's been six years to the day ... 

I decided to make my first post today, Monday 1st August, the very day six years ago when I first put pen to paper. The beginning of this long journey is not what you might expect. This story started, quite literally, with a dream. Waking up halfway through the night I jotted down a few lines about a character I had dreamt of and the strange situation he found himself in and now, 2192 days later, that idea, those few sentences, has transformed into a whole world filled with impossibilities.

That world is welcomed in my first book An Empire of Dreams. It tells the story of the Evergreen family’s perilous journey to freedom after they are framed for the most heinous crime in one hundred years. Forced to flee the crumbling future in which they live, their path will take them further than they could have expected … back through time, to a young boy from centuries before on the night his parents mysteriously disappear.

How can the two tales be connected? What can possibly tie together the destinies of a futuristic family and a twelve-year-old boy from 1993? As the Evergreen family search for the evidence to prove their innocence, and dark forces close in around them, all elements of the past, present and future will be tied together as one.

Doesn't sound too bad, right? God knows that synopsis has taken me months to get into shape!

So why has it taken you six years to write a book, you might ask? Well, it's been quite a journey. At least half of that time was spent in what I like to call a "creative bubble" - dreaming up hundreds of impossible, magical ideas and stitching them together into a singular cohesive story. The last three years were spent refining the first book which has undergone serious - and I mean serious - revisions. Characters and extensive storylines have evaporated into thin air and others have been born out of it (or further dreams, you might say!).

With the first book now written and the whole series planned out for years to come, I am running with all my might to the finish line: the book's release, which is coming later this year. That means serious investment. Designers, editors, proofreaders, giveaways, competitions - the whole shabang. 

If you would like to find out more information you can check out my blog: www.lewisjjones.com. I'll be posting exclusive content in the coming weeks and months introducing this exciting new story, so be sure to keep an eye out!

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to read my brief introduction. I am so excited to deliver to you the best story that I can - that is my greatest drive and ambition.

Till next time,


Published by Lewis Jones