Have you thought about the level of commitment by the musicians in church?
I watched my friends snaps from rehearsals and was amazed as I thought how week in and out our musicians have had to be at home on time, before time and serving from the front. They are in such a profound ministry of worship, to enable the church audience to engage and reach where they need to reach with their church worship!
I sometimes think they are more dedicated than the ministers as they hardly go on holiday. I'm not sure if they even can? Well they must do as we have a second that can cover other instruments. There's no weekly rotas for the musicians really. They just do their part and I think they love that they serve and are quite humbled to be  that position. I can speak for what I've seen in my church and the talent is outrageous that you look at them baffled. I'm not musically gifted but I know when something is mediocre, crap and God ordained. My guys are God ordained
Now I'm not baiting anyone but think of year in year out, constant musicians that serve even when they're not paid?!! *insert tongues* let's look into the mirror for a sec. Would I sit and freely give 3 church hours plus 2 rehearsal hours every week freely when me as a high level musician (drummer, guitarist, etc.) can charge upwards of £50 per session/hour? Free for most of the year? Not many of us can say yes we could commit to that level of service knowing all the details. Maybe 6 months then we remember ego, bills, years of study, etc. But musicians, they have a serving heart and are leaders in their own right.
I'm grateful for out musicians and for teaching us what commitment means. We don't recognise it but they sacrifice too. If they messed up in the week they still should speak with God before they sit in their seat. Not all musicians respect their position nor God but I can say I'm blessed at New Jerusalem to be around honest adult musicians.

Published by Kirah Grand