Niharika Srivastava, an 18 yr. old girl studying English honours from D.U. has been brought up in Delhi itself, albeit born in Allahabad, U.P. She has always been a linguistic student during her school days too. She started writing as being appreciated by her parents & teachers. She did many plays, debate & likewise, competitions have been a part of her engrossment. Apart from it, she is a studious girl who wants achieve heights in future so as to make her parents proud. She pondered to write something which would take people to their school days & afterlife, the struggle they suffered from & how they reached their goals. So, all the readers GO ahead & let it be continued…….

About the novel

Image may contain: one or more people and text“Life”, a word made from four alphabets is the reason behind everyone’s existence, quite ironical but a true fact. A human is raised with so many aspirations & dreams but eventually, their destiny throws in their wallet whatever there is to be, It has to be accepted by all. Nevika’s life is a path for all the stuck ones who led down themselves when they confront with battles rather continuing her journey is the right archery to hit the even against all odds & someone who shows the same courage is named victor someday. Her journey of life can be set as an illustration of continuing the path even if it is difficult to move on but eventually we have to because everything happens for a reason. After getting rejected from Sid, she thought she won’t be able to even live her life, achieving anything is quite a far matter, never know what is going to astonish in future, if she would have stopped there, she must not reach where she is, it all happened as she scaled herself up to that level of success where she always wanted to be & god had also carved the same for her rather the path got a dilemma in between but all well that proves well, she proved herself being the best of her, she was never being aware that she will actually become an I.A.S, it was just a thought for her but when she got the word she realised no ball is hard to make a goal rather the kick must have that obstinacy.

Never decimate present by pondering for the bad past, let it be in the memories only, this is what she applied in her life & becomes an inspiration for all who want to excel the stage which they want to. “Challenges are what make life interesting & overcoming them is what makes it meaningful”………

1) You have chosen an interesting title for your book, what made you finalise this title?Well, I m so glad if people found it interesting…the reason why I gave such a title for my novel is to spread a message among the readers to continue their life, no matter what kind of situations they are going through…life is very precious & it should be continue even after every strom just like ‘Nevika’….
2) In the course of your book, you briefly touch upon bullying in school. How important is it, according to you, to make the students aware that their words could harm people?
Actually bullying is really a major problem which students confront during their schooling. I understand the plight because I myself had gone through this many times. It is very important to make students understand that their behaviour & words can leave a deep impact on others. Either it can make their day or can deteriorate their emotions & leave them depressed as well. So, the guardians & teachers should take care on the attitude of students, must teach them good values.
3) You have written about the life of Nevika (your protagonist), how did you craft her character? Is she similar to you?
Nevika is a very pure & serene girl with a pleasing attitude. She loves to make others happy, especially for her parents. She wants to reach heights achieving all her aims making her parents proud. She carries lots of dreams & aspirations. For her, every emotion is equally important, it’s not just when she falls in love with siddharth but with her friends, family & every other acquaintance, she devotes herself to every relation.Because she decided to come up with herself after her heartbreak & reached all her goals in the end. Well, yes can say this character is a bit of me.
4) Why did you choose to focus more on the adolescent phase of Nevika’s life the most in the book?
 As we all know adolescence is the most sensitive age in everyone’s life & we face so many dilemmas during the time where we are completely trapped with the amalgam of feelings. Love is not mere a word spoken rather it’s real meaning is latent so deep where very few are able to reach & understand. Generally at this age, we  misunderstand infatuation with love & becomes depressed for a long time. The aim of my novel is to tell all the teenagers that this situation in every other’s life & how to recover from it. It is of much big issue rather they just need to be focussed on the right path, everyone can deal with it, all they should understand the root of the problem & then to maintain their emotions is in their hands.
5) According to you what are the things that make Nevika different from other characters? Why should a reader read her story?
Nevika’s startup journey depicts many meanings that LIFE, this word carries. Her life is a challenge which she accepted every moment & moved on with all her efforts, a fight with her disease & later with her heart when she got refused by Siddharth, a puzzle because every other obstacle surrounds her even being a nice soul , she suffers a lot & don’t understand why god always carves pain in her life & last but not the least an inspiration to  continue always no matter what & how much comes on the way. Reading her story will help those who have suffered from such kind of scenarios as these days, very few will teach uh good things to improve because everyone wants to be better than you, so rather for better, the best you could do is to believe in the strength  you have& listen to your guardians or the one who genuinely cares for you.
6) If there was one thing that you wanted to tell your readers, what would it be?
All I want to tell my readers is to come up with the best of them, judge yourself & rectify all the odds to form events because ” life will never let us down till we ourselves lose it from.”
 7) Why did you choose to become a writer?
Ahh… well, becoming a writer was always my dream & passion as well & I was always ready to write on any topic since a very small age. I think I can do well in this field just I want the support from my readers & the change which I want to see in every teenager’s life will be my biggest achievement of being a writer.
8) Now that you are published, any advice for people who are toying with the idea to write?
Well, all I would say, just go ahead with your thoughts, open the cap of the pen & let the lead move on the papers because “every thought is not just a thought but a signal to create something peculiar”……
9) Are you a reader as well? What are your favourite books?
Yes, I am a reader too & I love novels like Silas Marner by George Eliot & many more.
10) How can people connect with you?
 People can contact me on facebook, instagram
I have a page named “to be continued”….
Those who wanna connect me can search me easily on fb.

Published by Dhwani Swadia