Hi, just thought I would make a quick introduction before posting all over the place.

My name is Jacqueline Ann Lente, people call me Jackie for short. I am twenty-one years old and I am from Sydney Australia. In 2015 I completed my Bachelor of Art's Degree at Western Sydney University, majoring in English, sub-major in History and Political Thought and i also studied a variety of Ethics and Philosophy subjects. 
I think of myself as a care free spirit, curious Gemini and spreader of all peace, love and happiness. Other than writing you will find me loving crystals, metaphysical studies, fashion, food, music and tv, quality time with friends and family, going out and having a good party and my big love for dogs.
My biggest inspirations are immersing myself in lots of books and literature, art, creative expression and other people's expressive opinions, thoughts and ideas on the world. It took a lot for me to come out of my comfort zone and start getting my writing out there but since then I have loved sharing my thoughts and feelings through writing because it is my way of coping with life. And I would love to extend that help to relate to others in their time of struggle and spread positivity. 
I regularly write and post on my blog, www.jacquelineannlente.wordpress.com - I have fallen into the art of poetry and love expressing my heart through my writing, so please check it out and like my fb page as well (link in bio)
I hope that you all enjoy the ride of what is to come from the mind of Jacqueline Ann Lente, I will certainly love having you here.

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