Hello and a very warm welcome to my first blog post here on My Trending Stories!

I'm very excited about getting started here with loads of new blog post ideas for all of you, I am also very open to ideas so feel free to leave comments or contact me with blog posts ideas of just a general chat.

I already have a personal blog which I have linked in my bio which you should all go check out, I mainly focus on beauty and lifestyle in my blog posts as this is what I am passionate about.

A little background about me... I'm Amy-Rose, 18 from South Coast UK, currently living in the South West for University were I am studying Event Management. I'm a massive make up hoarder and I'm also a massive animal lover and nature lover as I love living by the Coast!

So I hope you all enjoyed this small get to know me for my first post, stay tuned for some up coming festive themed posts, and remember to comment suggestions on post you want to see.

Until next time, Amy x  

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