Let me introduce to you properly what I am offering on my Patreon website. There will be free items, things you can download without giving me anything! So, please don't feel obligated. My goal is to write for a living but it is also to share my work with the world.

In my attempt to be clever and cute, I used names from books that I like reading. (Yes, this is my confession that I liked Twilight.) 

Of course like with everything I do, some of these may change. Depending on how my imagination goes I may just flood the site with a number or works!  Now, if you will allow me I 'd like to introduce you to my packages! I hope you enjoy, and by all means I'd love to hear your feedback. (A collaboration of any kind is wonderful!)



Access to "Short (Short)Stories" once  week.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Once a week are you crazy Christina? the answer to that is simple. Yes. When I came up with this option I thought to myself, how can I make your dollar go far. And this was what I came up with. When I say short short, these stories are very short. I want them to be head scratches, evoke conversation, and above all make you think.  As with anything I do, suggestions on what subjects you want me to cover or ideas are always welcomed! 


Access to the first two chapters of stories about to launch.

As we established above I'm bananas. I always seem to have some kind of novel in the works. Sometimes, for me, it is annoying. So, I thought that I would offer the first two chapters of what I am working on. You can tell me how you like it so far and if you wish for me to continue! 


Access to full length stories. Access to Character BIOs and or Author live chats via Google Hangouts.

This gives you access to everything above, and you get the chance to pick my brain. Perfect for you Psych majors out there! Plus, if I introduced a character that you absolutely love, well then you can get to know them further. Either in the form of a BIO or an interview. As a fan of mine you know how I love interviews! 

Coming soon......


$4.00 a month reward

Early access to new drafts. Acknowledgment in finished work! Q&A with author.

Once I have finally finished a novel, and taken a huge sigh of relief then these supporters will be allowed access to the full length draft. Of course to keep track of it all this will be limited to only contributors. You are then allowed to post questions in the comments, where I will be more then happy to answer. You can of course privately email me your questions if you want something more in depth.  thescribblingwriter@gmail.com. Once the finishing touches are in place, and you tell me what you think, then I'll acknowledge you in the final product. 


(Wiping forehead) Man that was a lot! I do hope to have something for everyone, and above all I hope that I create something that touches each and everyone of my readers. Remember, I will still post things for free. I don't want to alienate anyone!  

So with that I'll let you explore. Let me know if there is something you like or something you would like to see! Private emails, or out in the open comments are welcomed! 

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