Confession: I am an introvert and I love Jesus.

And I’m an introvert to my core.  (For all you Myers-Briggs people, I am so INFJ it’s not even funny.)

But sometimes, my introvertedness can get in the way.

I really like going to church.  But I hate(and, yes, hate) the social aspects.  I hate get up and greet each other time. I hate let’s shake hands on the way out.  I find it emotionally draining.  It doesn’t establish or create relationships.  It doesn’t make me feel more connected. I like to live in the depths.  I don’t like surface interactions/greetings.  I find them unnecessary.

Did you catch all those me’s and I’s?

God calls us to love on people. Jesus put His hands on people when He was healing them, not because He had to, but because He knew people needed it. I don’t need to be the social committee chair, but I do need to reach out to others despite my natural and immediate inclination to run the other way…or at least walk on the other side of the hall.

If I am truly to be His hands and feet, I have to actually use my hands.  I have to take care of my mental and emotional needs, but i have to recognize when I need to set aside my emotional needs at times to help meet others needs.  I’m in a place where I can do this.  So, I need to be doing it more.

It’s hard, but I’m working on it.

Published by Shauna Tharp and Jessi Vacca