I'm a firm believer that books shape us and raise us and nurture us. I am a firm believer that you can get to know the person from the contents of their bookshelves. From the books they read and the books they collect and the books they smile while reading.

I look at my bookshelf and I see thick books, thin books, paperbacks, hardbacks, pocketbooks, new books, old books. I see fantasy, romance, contemporary, and mystery. I see first loves and second chances. I see mythology and world shattering magic. I see hope. I see broken shackles and unfurled wings.

My bookshelf tells the story of my life; that I am a dreamer, a free spirit, a dragon rider, an adventurer, a fighter, a time traveler, a navigator, a searcher, a thinker, and so, so many other things.

Published by Jinan H