Hello green beauties,

In my recent post I talk to you about how my skin is reacting crazy developing a brand new acne trend. Lucky me !I found myself in my thirties struggle with the same problem of a teenager except that I was not a spotty gal back in the days...again, lucky me!

I didn't find much help in store-bought products plus I was completely lacking of specific actives for acne fighting and I was to lazy busy to treat myself with regular clay masks. In this pitiful skin estate I rediscovered Rhassoul Clay.

Rhassoul Clay (R.C.) It is a reddish-brown Maroccan Clay, you can find it on the market in clods or micronized powder, this last one is easier to use for DIY's

In the past I really tried my best to incorporate R.C. in my routine, I tried to was my hair with it along with other Indian herbs but it didn't work for me because on my hair Rhassoul turn out to be the responsible of a crazy rough hair mess. I also tried to use Rhassoul in face masks but at that time my dry skin preferred more gentle clays.

Since R.C.  was always cited in purifying DIY masks on the net I decided to give it an other go...surprisingly this time R.C. did not disappoint me.

As I learned, R.C. is very beneficial for skin, especially troublesome skin, because of his  deeply cleansing proprieties, in fact it is rich in saponins which can remove surface dirt and oils and unblock pores, but, since it is natural, it does not irritate or strip out skin's natural oils.

R.C is also rich in minerals like Silica and Magnesium and helps rebalancing and soothing skin. I use R.C. regularly as a "face soap" to cleanse my skin twice a day, after a week I realised that my skin was smooth and all the redness and bumps diminished. This is definitely something you have to try.

  • 1/2 tbsp of Rhassoul Clay
  • 1-2 tbsp of water
  • 1/2 tsp of aloe vera
  • 1/4 tsp of natura oil (optional) i used Black seed oil

This recipe is enough for one face wash. I did not use preservatives because I quickly redo each day the amount necessary for every single wash.

After more than 1 week of use I noticed my skin being less spotty in the critical areas, smooth and purified with out the dryness side effects that most of store bough cleansing cause to my skin. Now I can say that I really love Rhassoul Clay.


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