Dear Future,


I want you to know that I am searching for you. And I know somehow that you are doing the same too.  But contrary to what other people might gonna say, I won't rush you. I hope you are having fun living your life out there. I can picture you chasing your dreams. I know you've probably  met some girls way more pretty than I am and that's fine. You're gonna make mistakes, get lost and mess up at times but that shouldn't stop you in  building a world of your own. Live a big life-do not deprive yourself of that as I promise that I will do the same too. And when the time comes you feel that something is missing in your life and you feel tired of living by yourself, come look for me then. I'll do my best to meet you half way.  I will listen to what you've got to say. I'll look  into your eyes and grab the privilege to see through you-a place where nobody got the chance to see. I would hold your hand so that both of us will never have to be alone again.

 And we will start from there.

I know we'll find each other soon. And when we do, I promise to never let you go.


Thrilled to see you,


Published by Mayne Andaya