Dear, Fellow Patriots

Hello, and good day to my fellow patriots and all those who love freedom and practice the pursuit of obtaining true liberty.

As you may or may not know repression can be a very dangerous smear to owns enlightened consciousness. Holding back the truth that exists within ourselves can become a tiring aspiration that even the well-rehearsed can't maintain with sanity.

So then what do we do to continue in our devotion towards solitary with the path of freedom that unlocks our true potential with the power to transform worlds? One simple active ingredient comes to mind and that is, Love.With Love, humanity can thrive through the darkest vile times with the certainty that the greater good will always prevail with productivity and masterful longevity.

To be a patriot in the ideal sense of the word we must remain fighters for liberty justice and the pursuit of happiness for all. Our divine dignity is meant to be protected not eradicated like non-useful trash. What is apart from that trash though is stinking thinking and actions that emerge that abandon acts to protect our freedoms while using positions of power to dismantle those inalienable human rights from society.

Now then the call for freedom awaits an answer, my fellow patriots. Will you accept participation in acts of love and charity? For with love everything grows. With fierce relentless abandon, we can overcome these obstacles that threaten our healthy productive progress as a human race.

By no means is this call to love a call to bury your heads in the sand to tyranny or to wave a white flag of defeat.On the contrary, we must not relent on our pursuit to preserve our God-given human rights to protect our freedoms at all costs. For tyranny awaits those unwilling to stand up and fight to preserve love and liberty. For we must never forget that love too in of itself breeds strength and vibrancy to protect the interests of ourselves and those around us.

Never give up then my fellow patriots the desire to see a healthy prosperous humanity. For it is the onset of weakness that Hate abides. And if Hate abides destruction follows. For hate erodes the soul and embellishes gleefully in acts of gruesome violence. Therefore, we must free ourselves from hate in order to create a better world filled more with more love, peace, and harmony than destructive chaos.

Best Regards, Truthteller

Published by Naomi S. Gobern