Former Boss,

I am writing this regretfully to inform you that you have been fired. I chose the word "regretfully" not because I disapprove of my decision in firing you, but because I am sad that I have to fire you under these circumstances.

I would say that it's not you, it's me, but that would be in-genuine and what some may call "sugar coating" or a lie. Since you never sugar coated anything for me, I will treat you with the same respect.

I hope you have your "listening ears" on, because if you want to keep your job as a boss next time, you may want to take a minute to think about the advice I am about to give you.

1. Find your passion... No your real passion. There is a difference between being passionate about something that you do and being "passionate" in conversation. Being "passionate" as you call it, does not allow you to yell, insult or degrade me as a female or a human being in general. People that have passion lift others and help them succeed. They inspire people and plant a seed within them, then help cultivate and nurture that seed until it grows and flourishes.

2. Don't Grow Up..Also don't tell your employees to grow up. A young and vibrant soul keeps the positive energy around the office. It gives light to friendly competition, allowing your employees to motivate each other.. Taking a load off of you for a bit. Young spirits allow for playfulness and an inviting environment. When employees are happy, they get creative and they get motivated to do something with that creativity. Imagination built Disney... Could you imagine telling them to grow up?

3. Enjoy the ride. One of the biggest pieces of advice I could have ever received was: "It's not about THE outcome it's about AN outcome.." In translation, stop worrying about how you're going to build the perfect road to your destination before you even know how to get there. Walk the path a few times... And if you walk that path a lot then go back and pave the road.. No sense in paving a highway before you know where it's going. Oh.. Right.. Sorry, I'm sugar coating again. I promised I wouldn't do that.. Plain translation: Stop being process driven and start being results driven. I don't know if you're a follower of successful business men, but you may know the name Jack Welch. It's been said that he fires anyone in his company that is more concerned with figuring out a process rather than achieving a result... Hint hint.. SOPs drown morale and culture. People would be more than willing to do their job and help others if the environment were positive. (see advice section #2)

4. You're not perfect. Neither am I.
I make mistakes as every human does. When I admit to making a mistake... Please don't respond with "I don't believe for one second you didn't know what you were doing. You're a bright young girl.. I don't believe you were confused."
Well, I was... I'm not an accountant.. I'm in sales.. I make the money so you can afford accountants.. So I don't have to do accounting. So yes, I was confused.. And just so you know.. A backhanded compliment is not a compliment.

5. Cater a little to us millennials. Hate to say it, but you are about to be overpopulated with millennials. We will overtake your workforce in less than 10 years. It's no longer a "work long hours to be respected" environment. Nope.. Tides are changing and if you don't change with them, you will drown. We "work smarter, not harder". We don't like being crammed in a stuffy office. We like fresh air and freedom. We will work 4 12 hour days just to take a long weekend..and we don't like being told we can't take long weekends. Again, we are mostly results driven.. If we give you the result you're looking for, then reward us and give us a little freedom. Quality of life is important to me and mostly every Millennial. Don't punish us for being smarter than our last working generation.

6. Self Reflect: As I have had to self reflect in order to improve myself through my working life, I suggest you do the same. Just because you have years of experience "running" a business does not mean you don't have to do a little self improvement here and there. We are all human. If we stop growing, we stop living. You yell at anyone who has a "negative attitude"...let me repeat that.. You YELL at anyone who has a negative attitude.. Maybe you should try asking them why they are so miserable at work. And if they say you... Try not to YELL at them again. Truth hurts.. From every angle. Pain is how we overcome adversity and improve. Embrace it.

I hope that you can take this and do something positive with it. It's not meant to be snide or disrespectful, just constructive. It comes from a place of experience and compassion. I don't like seeing people fail. I hope to help them in anyway. My only regret is that I didn't say this to you in person, but.. I really didn't want to get into another "passionate" conversation.




Mara Shultz is a young entrepreneur that prides herself on being a Jack Of All Trades. She is an award winning songwriter and a founder and partner of Market Share Consultants and The Online Kitchen Designer. She leads Ring The World Together as a RE:definer, supporting and building a community for victims of sexual abuse/assault, molestation and rape. With over 5 years of sales and marketing experience in the home improvement industry she has learned  training techniques and hopes to create thousands of successful advertising and marketing campaigns.

Mara has a love for writing blogs, mostly in a sarcastic tone. She is known for witty, off of the wall posts, professionally, and writes raw and vulnerable personal blogs. You can follow her on or her LinkedIn page

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