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I realized tonight that I don't think I've showed my appreciation enough, for that I apologize, I don't like wearing my heart on my sleeve, and I tend to just assume you know all this and maybe you do.

I want to say thank you, you are an amazing person and an even more amazing mother.

Thank you for recognizing that this is about your daughter, not you and not her dad and she needs to grow up with parents that get along beautifully.  Thank you for calling my kids your daughters brothers even before they legally became siblings, you accepted my boys and I in a way that made us feel welcome, and they look up to their big sister so much.

Thank you for raising your daughter to become a beautiful, caring, outgoing, self assured and intelligent young woman. You did that, you should be a very proud mama!

We may not see you guys as often as we would like but that's ok, she is a teenage girl we realize that friends always come first at this stage and family is embarrassing (lol). We also know what goes into planning that long trip, as we would love to do it every summer, but that isn't always possible, so don't ever feel bad about not being able to make it. We can't make it there for the same reasons and while we will be disappointed, we are never mad.

Thank you for being you. It is because of you that we consider you, your husband and other daughter part of the family, my step daughters family is our family. I love you more than you know (in a non creepy, non stalker-ish sort of way 😝).

Please, keep doing what you're doing, and give my amazing step daughter a hug 😄


Your daughter's Step-Mother

Published by Liz Zemlicka