To All of My Fellow Minorities,

I am so incredibly sorry. I’m so sorry that our electoral college has failed us, as a nation, again. This election resulted in the election of a racist, xenophobic, homophobic criminal. The future for our country remains uncertain at this present moment; however, we must stand firm and strong together.

The United States of America is a country that is built on values that are currently being ignored: equality, opportunity, and freedom, just to name a few. During these next few years there will be major changes, some for the better, worse, or maybe a combination of both. These changes will occur without fault unless we are able to stand together.

My fellow members of the LGTBQ+ community, my brothers and sisters of other races, nationalities, and religions, all the women in our country, we have the ability to make a change here. It will be a hard, long battle but we can do it.


To All of My Friends Who Voted For Trump,

I am so sorry that all of you are being generalized by our country as racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and ignorant. However, instead of you telling me how you didn’t vote for Trump because of his inappropriate actions, comments, or even for some of his policies, now is the time for you to hold him accountable for what he will do in the future. I’ve been told that people voted for him because he is pro-life, would do away with Obamacare, or because of his stance on immigration; that’s not good enough. Even though you voted for him for his stance on just one policy, your vote didn’t waiver when he provoked violence against minorities. He is now the President that you voted for and needs to be held to a higher standard and that is now on you.

If you didn’t necessarily cast a vote for Trump but instead threw your vote away on a 3rd party candidate or didn’t vote, then I forgive you but I will still hold you responsible. A vote was thrown away without you checking your privilege and ability to notice the consequences of your actions. However, now you can take notice of what has happened and help us, minorities and people who are afraid, stand up for our rights. You must take a step forward with us to show that our country is not one who will be exclusive and diminish rights of the people.


Now is the time for us all to unite. We are all part of this country and can make sure that the next four years will not be a mistake.

Published by Nicole Clement