Dear Discouraged,


We’ve all been there. Not necessarily the exact same scenario, but we’ve all felt the same way. We’ve been beaten down, uninspired, and even hopeless at times. And truth be told—it sucks. It really does. We go through an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes we feel like we’ve finally caught our break, and then all of a sudden we’re back in square one.


Overcoming success plateaus and seeking constant inspiration is challenging. It’s okay to admit, though. You should never feel that you cannot ask for help, or reach for a hand when needed most.


It’s a simple part of life in a complex world. We’re supposed to be there for each other. We’re supposed to inspire one another. And we’re supposed to combine strengths in times when we are weak.


And so, discouraged reader, I hope that you find the strength to overcome the obstacles thrown your way. Concentrate on one detail at a time. And remember why you started in the first place. 



Yours Truly

Published by Mattea LinAe