Liechtensteinklamm, St. Johann, Austria, Salzburg, waterfall, dog, touristic

Finally we have planned to visit one of the greatest waterfalls of this area, but that did not turn out as I had expected. What supposed to be the best part of our week in Austria turned out to be a little bit overestimated. Thanks to my great buddy and travel companion Odin, I had to stop the adventure and turn back… with my dog in my arms.


I was so happy when I heard about the fact that my Border Collie could come with me to see the amazing Liechtensteinklamm in St. Johann, Salzburg. Dogs are not always allowed to accompany their human on their trip to a touristic attraction, but this time he was lucky. After half an hour of waiting in the hot flat sun behind a long queue of people, we reached the entrance and started our hike to the top.

Liechtensteinklamm, St. Johann, Austria, Salzburg, waterfall, dog, touristic

However, after only two minutes, I already knew it would not be easy for Odin and me since he was afraid of the sound of the giant (but also the less enormous) falls. There was a small pathway to follow, which was used by people both the way up and the way down. That means that Odin had to stay at the right side, so people could pass us on the left side, though Odin was not following the same idea as I did. He just wanted to stay at the most quiet side of the path, as far as possible from the ‘dangerous’ sound of the water splashing on the rocks.

Next came the wooden bridges with little slits that looked more like gigantic cloves for Odin. As a result, I had to place him between my legs and slowly guided him the way. If that was not frightening enough for a ‘stalwart’ dog like Odin, we came across a slippery stairway with holes in it. We had to take these stairs to reach the next bridge and that was the very limit.

Liechtensteinklamm, St. Johann, Austria, Salzburg, waterfall, dog, touristic

Taking Odin in my arms and carry him upstairs was the only solution I could think of. Of course he did not mind that at all and when he stood with his four paws on the ground again, he refused to go anywhere else except for the plank he stood on. I could do nothing else but taking my big baby backdown to the mainland.

People looked at us with big eyes. What is so odd about a girl carrying a grown-up dog of 23 kg down over the glibly stairs and planks? Since almost everyone I crossed by laughed with compassion, gave room to me (which made me feel so special) or took a picture of us, I knew it must be an amusing sight.

Liechtensteinklamm, St. Johann, Austria, Salzburg, waterfall, dog, touristic

Finally we had reached the end (which was also the beginning in our case) of the trail. It was a great relief because I could stretch my arms again and even Odin looked quite grateful to me. At the moment I was definitely disappointed, but when I went for a walk with my lovely coward to wait for the others to return, I realized that I would have never discovered such a wonderful view of the surroundings as that one magical moment on the road. The only problem was that I left my GoPro with my brother, so I could not take a good photos of it. Such a pity!

Afterwards I laughed really hard with what has happened and I know for sure now that I will definitely come back sometime, not for the waterfalls but to continue the walk Odin and I had started.


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Published by Jolien Geurts