Dear Reader,

Think about yourself as a five year old, as an eleven year old. What were you like back then? What were you afraid of? What did you look up to? What sort of clubs were you involved in? What was your life like at home?

In amidst of all the negative news, I think perhaps what makes me the angriest is the, "Satanic Temple," club going to an elementary school near you. As someone who wants to be an elementary teacher, I am upset, and most importantly I need to speak up for the kids.

Think of yourself in elementary school again. Now, imagine finding yourself able to go to your own, "Satanic Temple," at school.

I believe that elementary schools should have an array of religions. I grew up in schools that has over sixty nationalities, now you can only imagine the amount of different religions I came to know. Some of my closest friends are Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Pagan, Poly-theistic,  and the list goes on. Not a single one of them is, "Satanist," though, and here is why you need to be concerned.

This club doesn't even teach, "Satanism," so why do they even call it the, "Satanic Temple," and anyone who is Satanist, should know that God is definitely real, and that Satan is the tempter. The group claims that they are striving for religious diversity, and if that is what public schools want, then they should start other clubs with more healthy, and more "moral" religions. These children's brains aren't even done developing, if you tell them that Satan is their friend, they'll believe you; if you tell them that the moon is neon-green, they'll believe you. So, if you do not base your club on, "Satanism," but rather atheism, why don't you just start a club on, "Science Theories," or something that is much more healthy and productive. They want to spook these children out with spiders and negative things, so why would we possibly want our children/students going there?

They'll need a parent's permission to go. Okay. But why on earth would some adult allow their child to go to these clubs, it is sickening in my eyes. I am trying to look from an adult perspective who wants their child to be cultured, accepting, and understanding. If my child wants to go and see a Buddhist temple, I would gladly go and show my child; if they wanted to go and attend a mass, I would drive them on over; if they wanted to go visit a mosque, okay, go ahead, I'll show you. I grew up in this sort of environment and I grew from it, I grew up with friends from every religion, so I know the good in people, and I see the flaws in everyone too.

If you want your child to learn about other religions, I am all for it. I believe it teaches them how to accept others, and how to respect each to their own. But, about Satanism; it is evil; if someone is going to have a club called, "Satanic Temple," they should at least teach that there is a God, and how Satan fell and desired power and authority; how he tricks everything into looking, "nice," but actually ends up making things worse. This club is specifically trying to spite Christianity, and make Satanism look cool; and like I have been saying for years, children's hearts are the step to change. I would be concerned with our government, and they cities and they pass these clubs. 

Do you really think a young child should be able to make a choice in religion that early, when they'll believe anything? Imagine yourself at that age, imagine yourself in that club. I am ashamed to see where America is going. If God ever shall bless me with children, and I live in the US. They will absolutely never, ever go to public school. If your excuse is that you'll raise your children in a, "Good Christian environment, and they'll never get into those things," you need to beware; a child will believe anything, and even if they aren't into these things, remember that their friends might be. Do you really think children should be able to make such huge decisions so early in their life?

I notice many complaining about the upcoming generation, but if we never do anything how do we expect them to become any better than the rest of us? Many will fight me and say that I am being ignorant, and that it is just a club; but I cannot help but feel distraught that this is happening, and you should too. This is our future. Is this where you want it to go? Because I certainly do not.

John 15:18 "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first."

Beware and pay attention around you. The world is evil, and it will continue to be evil; do not fall for traps of the tempter.

Published by Ashley Chapman